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New Kid on the Candle Making Block!

For those of you who haven’t tried them yet, we’re here to give a shout out to, who are more than just one of the best candle suppliers, according to this blog. is unparalled with regard to customer service, extending that personal touch to all of its customers. Its also an experience just opening your packages from With their signature pink theme, we especially love their fragrance bottles and their beautifully packaged waxes. We’ve also never known them to carry a bad scent! We love them all. Candlehaven has come to be known for the same excellence shown by suppliers such as makesy (who is a huge international comglomerate), but with better pricing! Rumour has it, they’re in talks with numerous freight companies to negotiate even cheaper freight rates at a time when shipping charges have been dauting for all candle making companies, and DIY afficianados alike. Keep in mind that they’re still offering free shipping over $150. If you love candles keep your eye on this candle supplier.  This candle making supplier is small enough to give you that personal attention, but large enough to fulfil all its customers needs above and beyond the usual. They’re establishing themselves as a supplier of quality products and unique items you can’t find anywhere else. They’re definately the one to watch in years to come. Their tagline is “Candle Making Re-imagined” and its this blogger’s opinion that we can’t imagine the candle making supplier’s space without

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