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Best Candle Making Supplier in Canada

Best Candle Supplier in Canada…and Here’s Why…

We all know that the USA has many amazing candle suppliers, but it can be a challenge to find those same amazing candle supplies in Canada. To make outstanding candles you need a supplier that access to the finest products on the worldwide market.

Today we’re going to share a closely guarded industry secret. We’re going to tell you where you can buy the BEST candle making supplies in Canada.

We’ve searched coast to coast and have made our decision of who to recommend as the best Candle making supplier in Canada based on the quality of the products they carry, the value for your money, customer service, shipping speed and capability to ship internationally. All of these factors contribute to the overall reputation and viability of our number one chosen candle supplier.

Our blog post will cover:

  • Our top pick for best candle supplier overall
  • Their Top 3 Waxes & Wicks
  • Their Top 3 Fragrance Oils
  • Their Top 3 Candle Vessels/Candle Jars
  • Unique Products

Without further preamble, our top pick overall is….



– Candle Making re-imagined –

NEW KID IN TOWN! To those of you who have shopped there yet, let us introduce you to is our favourite supplier of candle supplies in Canada. Frustrated by the availability of truly unique and luxurious candle supplies in Canada, jumped into the candle supply space to change that sad reality. After all, why should Canadian candle makers have to pay more for quality ingredients and then have to raise the prices of their hand poured candles, rendering them uncompetitive. is known for having a background in international trade, and so even though most of their products are North American sourced, they search all over the world to find the best candle making products, and the lowest prices so you don’t have to. Their website offers tutorials for beginners as well as creative ideas for your next DIY candle project.’s customer care team is accessible and goes above and beyond to offer fantastic and personalized service. Shipping is fast and items arrive well packaged and undamaged. is based in Toronto, Canada and has the capability to ship anywhere in the world. is truly one-stop shopping for quality, unique candle making products you won’t find anywhere else in Canada.


If you live in Canada and want to buy Candle supplies, you need to start with the fundamentals, wicks and wax.

One thing we love about is that they don’t carry an abundance of waxes, but rather they focus on sourcing the best candle waxes, carrying only a handful of quality natural waxes. Each wax can produce a luxury quality candle in a single pour.

When it comes to wicks, they carry an assortment of unique wooden wicks (spiral wicks, standard wood wicks, wooden wicks with booster, grid wicks, X wicks, S wicks). They also carry wicks of the non-wooden variety (ECO series, HTP series, cotton wicks, tealight wicks). Again, focusing on quality and originality, does not carry a million SKUs, but rather the appropriate styles and sizes that work well with waxes and vessels they carry.


1. Coco Apricot Crème Wax:

Coco Apricot Crème is a premium wax. It is used by candle makers to make luxury candles. This natural blend of apricot and coconut waxes is amongst the finest in the world. It features exceptional adhesion and looks absolutely stunning in glass with its silky smooth appearance.

Check out our example on Pinterest

2.Lush Coconut Soy Wax

Lush Coconut Soy is a silky smooth, luxurious wax that provides excellent scent throw and minimal frosting. This creamy, dreamy, all-natural candle wax is perfect for creating glossy container candles.

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3.  Soy Wax, Container

Our soy wax 464 is a soft, low melt-point, natural soy wax that provides excellent scent throw and minimal frosting. The result is smooth and creamy soy container candles.  The low melt point helps with the candles burn performance and allows for better glass adhesion.

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1.   Spiral Wood Wick

Spiral wicks are crackling, wooden wicks. These elegant candle wicks are sold with wick stands, and are suitable for use with natural waxes.

2.   Grid Wick

This wick is a showstopper! Made of wood, its porous grid like or lattice type appearance adds to the overall beauty and originality of your candles. These wicks will take you candles from ordinary to extraordinary! Sold with wick clips.

Check our our example on Youtube

3.   ECO Wicks

The ECO wick is environmentally friendly. This wick is made of cotton, interwoven with treated paper filaments, which reduces afterglow. ECO wicks are primed with vegetable wax, and pre-tabbed for immediate use.

Honourable mention:

Wooden Wick W007

This standard all around wood wick deserves mention as well. They add a touch of ambience and romance to your candles. They are sold with wick clips and are ready-to-use.


Fragrance oils are an essential part of candle making. Ensuring quality, and only selling phthalate free fragrances is a promise that makes to its customers. has a decadent selection of fragrances, which made it hard to choose just 3, but for the purpose of this list, here are our favourites:


1.   Honey Almond

This is boasted #1 seller. Experience the joy of tempting honey balanced by warm sensual almond. This fragrance oil will nourish your senses with its rich aroma.

Notes: Honey & Almond

2.   Snickerdoodle

Enjoy the unmistakeable aroma of fresh baked snickerdoodle cookies. This scent features creamy butter, sweet brown sugar, cinnamon, spice, and everything nice! For all of the candle makers out there, our Snickerdoodle Cookies fragrance is guaranteed to be home run.

Top Notes: Cinnamon, Cream
Middle– Honey, Butter
Bottom– Vanilla, Sugar

3.   Sugared Pumpkin Butter

A new fall favourite, Sugared Pumpkin Butter features the distinctive aroma of pumpkin, enveloped by buttercream, and sweet apple. Rounded out with base notes of vanilla, cinnamon sugar and soft hints of ember, this warm and sumptuous fragrance is the perfect harvest treat. This scent will have you celebrating Autumn all year round.


Candle vessels are the home for your luscious wax and your elegant wicks and delectable fragrance. Choosing the right vessel sells your candle, and so it’s a detail that must be treated with care. Again, focusing on quality over quantity, carries select elegant vessels known to be popular in the candle making community and does not carry the cheap variety that can be found in dollar stores. Here are our top 3 picks:


1.   iLite Vessel

Clean and elegant, our exclusive glass iLite candle vessels add a touch of refinement to your creations. Pair with an iLite candle lid for a polished look.

iLite Vessel Diameter: Top 90mm / 3.5″
iLite Vessel Diameter: Bottom 85mm / 3.35″
iLite Vessel Height: 102mm / 4″
iLite Vessel Suggested Fill Level: 355ml / 12 oz.

Silver iLite Lid sold separately.

2.   Franci Vessel

Our clear Franci candle vessels glow and reflect light in spectacularly beautiful ways. You’ll want to see them lit. A must have for any season’s collection, or a beautiful statement piece for your home. The only hard part is giving them away!

Franci Vessel Diameter: 83mm / 3.25″
Franci Vessel Height (with Lid): 127mm / 5″
Franci Vessel Suggested Fill Level: 296ml / 10 oz.

Sold with matching lid

3.   Eternal Vessel

Sparkling and luxurious, our shiny black Eternal vessel will add a touch of sophistication and class to any kind of candle you can imagine!

Take a look at our example on TikTok

Eternal Vessel Diameter: Top 80mm / 3.15″
Eternal Vessel Diameter: Bottom 73mm / 2.87″
Eternal Vessel height: 90mm / 3.54″
Eternal Vessel Suggested Fill Level: 281ml / 9.5 oz.

Honourable mention:

Whether its spooky season, or you’re just bold enough to love skulls year round,’s double walled borosilicate glass skull vessels are for you.

Skully Vessel

Skully double walled borosilicate glass vessels will be a spooky addition to your fall candle collection. If you want something fun and unique for Halloween, these are must haves. Enjoy as candles, and then wash out and re-use as whiskey glasses for nip on a chilly October night.

Skully Vessel Diameter: 90 mm / 3.54″
Skully Vessel height: 100 mm / 3.94″¨C11CSkully Vessel Suggested Fill Level: 250 ml / 8.45 oz.


This is what truly sets apart from other Canadian suppliers, From crystals, to candle safe sparkle dust, to submersible LED lights you can find everything you need at to make truly unique candles. On top of this, if you explore their website’s BRIGHT IDEAS tab you can view on social media where they feature videos to show you how to use their products, and their own unique ideas.  Ideas are free! Help yourself to as many as you like. It’s a true source of inspiration. Here are a couple of our favorite unique candle making products carried exclusively by

1.   Diamond Sparkle Dust

Diamond Sparkle Dust is a lightest and fluffiest mica on the market blended with sparkle dust. Diamond Sparkle Dust is so light that it won’t sink to the bottom of your candles. All you need is a pinch, and then just watch as your candles melt into a pool of glittery delight. Diamond Sparkle Dust is premium cosmetic grade, safe to use in wax candles, soaps, and body products. 

Check out our example on YouTube

2.   Opal Mini Chips

Enhance your candle with opal, the stone of spontaneity and faithfulness. Our iridescent opal mini chips will delight your eyes whether your candle is lit or not!

3.   Submersible LED Light

We love using submersible LED lights in our candles! Typically this product is used in swimming pools as it is brilliantly colored, highly illuminated, and fully waterproof. This is what also makes it an exciting find for the candle making community. This submersible LED light fits in our iLite Vessel perfectly, and can be secured in place with wick stickers. Fill your vessel with wax, and then BOOM! Surprise anyone by turning this on with the remote (included with purchase of the light).

Check our our example on TikTok!

In closing perhaps our favourite three facts about is

  • They do extensive teaching on candle making. A section of their site is devoted to learning how to make candles, and their customer service department will always answer a question about candle making to the best of its ability. There are no dumb questions when it comes to candle making. You can even hire them for private Corporate Events to do an in person tutorial with supplies for all participants.
  • They promote other Candle makers on their featured makers page. It isn’t a long, involved process for a candle maker to be showcased. features any of its customers upon their request, just another layer of service and appreciation.
  • It has been said to me that once you become a customer of, that you enter into a partnership with a supplier who’s got your back. They’ll stock what you need. If you cannot find it in Canada, they’ll source it and import it. They’ll do everything they can to keep price points affordable, and make sure that you have access to the finest candle making supplies in the world.

Enjoy the candle making process, and if you have content you wish to share about your favorite candle maker, write to us at info@candlesuppliesdirectory_fntbr1

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